Example Of Viral Newsletters

You hear that the best traffic source will come from your email newsletter. But you’re not believing me, right? Or maybe you are, but not sure why the rates have gone down. One word. Google.

Ever since Google implemented the algorithm within our gmails, the rates have went down a lot. It seems to be a trend these days for companies to do this, including Facebook. Google did it for spam reasons and Facebook say’s its due to newsfeed clutter.

We all know email is still the best source though, so how should we write out these emails to avoid any hindrance from the Googlebots? Well today, I will be giving you some examples that landed into my inbox successfully. And those that didn’t.

Example 1# (From Pat Flynn):

Hey Luke!

From the subject line of this email, you’re probably wondering what my addiction is. It’s a serious problem, but it’s not anything like drugs, or gambling or anything like that. 
What is it then?
It’s checking my online statistics.
Ever since I started blogging and doing business online, I’ve checked my website stats several times a day. Sometimes up to 20 to 30 times a day, because they’re so fun to look at! I love checking my web traffic, counting my Twitter followers and Facebook Fans, and number of sales too.
I recently realized, however, that checking stats that often does absolutely nothing, and really it slows down production because you’re constantly interrupting what you’re supposed to be doing.
Even though it takes just a minute or two, those minutes quickly add up – especially when you think about it over the period of a year, for example.
When talking to other bloggers and internet marketers about this problem, a lot of people feel the exact same way. I think it’s pretty common because when we’re first starting out, the traffic and all of the other statistics are what keep us going, and it’s what we strive for. But, constantly checking won’t change the numbers. Spending time on your content, your marketing strategies, your newsletter or website design – those things will help your numbers.
It’s still important to check stats, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve recently made an effort to only check my stats once a day, at5pm – and that’s it. Checking it any number of times before that is just a waste of time.
Like my Dad always says: “A watched pot never boils”.
Do you have this issue, or is it just me?
Thanks Luke!


This was from Pat Flynn who, every time, lands into my inbox. Clearly genius. But how? He writes like a friend would, but in an informative way.

I also have some people, I mean big-time bloggers,  who never made it to my inbox, but instead they landed in the…. The no man’s land. Or A.K.A The Promotion Tab! Yikes! That’s like a hundred miles away in the gmail world.

To view what not to do, click one of these:
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Why didn’t these make it to my inbox?
1. Rss Feed
2. Too many links
3. Very long
4. You feel like you’re getting sold.

These guys are really good at what they do, don’t get me wrong. Very informative and nothing scammy about them. But unfortunately the Googlebots thought they were spammy or too promotional.

Don’t get that I’m saying that. Michael was the one who inspired me to start Lukeguy.com, so no, these guys are good. I just think they need to tweak the email to get better results.

So basically the key in the email newsletter writing is to simply get the readers attention by writing something exclusive, hooking them, and getting them to click on the link. By doing this you will see high open rates, along with higher click rates. So don’t give up, you can improve. Even the big guys can improve and it goes to show you, anyone can mess up. So don’t give up, if they have a chance at this, so do you.