ATG 00: Introduction Of Ask The Guy Show

Finally. I published the podcast. This episode is the introduction to Ask The Guy Show. This podcast is going to be fun, I’ll explain. With this podcast we’re going to be interviewing entrepreneurs who have connected like the pros to build something bigger than themselves.

I’m not 100% the connecter I want to be, but I’m looking to be that. This podcast is going to help me do just that. Now you can hear my voice and learn with me anywhere. You can be in your car, on the treadmill, outside walking, or at work during lunch break.

The show will help you connect to people that matter in your life. Connecting is definitely the weakness of the majority and I want to help change that. Setting this up was a lot of work, but I finally did it! Had to create the cover, podcast feeds, techy stuff, submit to iTunes and Google play, and all of that.

The show should appear in iTunes soon and when you see it subscribe and leave a good review! Thanks for being there.