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I’m Luke and I have a fun blog here for those who love business. I love to create content for people to consume and share. It’s a passion and with business being thicker than blood, I can’t help but start another business. So that’s why I have started LukeGuy, so I could share with you about those projects and how I reach  people across the country. I discuss how I build emails list of a few thousand  in just a few weeks on business niches that I focus on.

Here are some articles to get you started:

How To Build An Email List Without Traffic

6 Freebies That Will Spike Engagement In Your Blog

How to Guest Post Like A Boss

About this Blog: I cater around business marketing. I know there is a lot of information about this, but without it your business dies. Without that constant flow of traffic, your business would dry up. Here on this blog we discuss how to keep traffic coming in both your physical store and the online store. Without marketing and advertising, your business fails.

Here are some things I like to focus on:

1. How to Connect With High Authorities

2. How to save money in marketing and spend more in advertising

3. How to have fun in producing your income

4. How to truly enjoy life (slowly)

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