Is your business shareable?

You have products in place and you’re making money on your site. You have a base and money is coming in steady. So what now?
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What should come first? The product or the buyer?

We all dream and that’s okay. As long as it drives you to move on, and not fly so high that you forget your plane is out of fuel.

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Is There Risk In Your Product?

Risk is a scary thing, definitely when it comes to you pulling out money. So the less risk the better, right? Yes; so how risky is your product/service? Let’s find out how many are destroying all risk in product.
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How small wins bring success

We all need to win.

It brings a feeling of relief and security… A feeling that says, “You can do this!”

The power of winning can make all the difference and brings great benefits to you and your customer. Here’s how:
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