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What’s the message behind your product?

As I watch people, and the way we exchange money, I have discovered something quite interesting. People are willing to spend thousands to send a message.

A Message?

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The Only Way To Make Serious Money Online

As the stories spread you’ll hear of how people are making megabucks online. Making money from apps (Flappy Bird) to blogging (Pat Flynn). You want a slice of the pie as you’re hearing about it (along with the other millions of people who are hearing it.)

So how do you go about making this money?

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How to Save Hundreds On Your Next App

Apps cost anywhere from $500-$5,000 and can be expensive to make. This post I’ve written is to help you SAVE money, and to save you a lot of pain. There are many steps into creating an app, and some may differ on the order. But that’s ok. Let’s dive in as I share with you the basics on saving hundreds on your next app project.

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When 1 Million Readers Isn’t A Good Thing

In my  life I have learned that numbers isn’t always a good thing. I’ve seen presidential elections, games, and businesses flop who had the numbers going for them. I’ve read of wars where one army had the numbers , but something was missing that lead to their defeat.

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