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Luke GuyHello! I’m Luke Guy, it’s nice to meet ya. I am a writer among other things. I study email marketing and show you how you can use this powerful source to build businesses. When I do start a business, I watch it grow, or burn after a hard crash… And then, I write about it. That’s most things actually. I start something to write about later. Almost like a reporter, except I’m the one who causes most of the events.



What you can expect to read about

I love the power of email marketing and watching that list grow! It’s something you hear a lot about and that’s about the list! You hear, “There is money in the list.” And within 30 seconds we’re talking about how to grow on FACEBOOK….

It baffled me as I read these major blogs do this over and over. I wanted to learn more, but I wasn’t satisfied with what I was getting.

They would say, “Write great content and your list will grow naturally. Easy as 1-2-3!” Not the case though my friend. 

It’s all about the Email List

So after struggling to find more information, I decided to focus on email marketing here on my blog. It’s a powerful tool, but people seem to talk more about social media. So here at Lukeguy, I’ve decided to talk about the one thing we all want to know about. And that is, How to grow that email list. Among other topics that I find useful, I write about growing your list and how it increases your sales. I also talk about blogging, how to make money online, online marketing, and so forth. 

Here are some articles to get you started:

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